Fundación Woolly

What we do

Woolly’s Web and Woolly’s Finca are committed to sustainably change the chain that causes dog suffering.

Sterilisation program

The beginning of the chain

Each pregnant dog may cause the birth to 67,000 puppies in six years.

Because dogs cannot regulate this themselves, there is a superabundance of dogs in the world.

Prevention – We strive to sterilize dogs the whole year round, on location, with sterilization buses as many as  possible throughout Spain. A few days after surgery they can be set free again. If we could do this  for 15-20 years, there will be no more miserable, sick, starved and bullied stray dogs left.

We work systematically – Woolly’s Web is building a network of volunteer organizations and veterinarians throughout Spain. Together we can systematically go through all areas and not leave any unneutered dog left on the streets.

What do we need? – Our network in Spain is very large and many organizations have indicated that they want to contribute to this project. What we need are sterilization vans that have to be equipped to be able to perform the operations. You can help us with this!

Woolly’s Web helps prevent stories like Gordy’s

Significantly fewer dogs in shelters

Due to the lack of newcomers, the number of dogs in the shelters will decrease drastically

Improved quality of life for shelter dogs

Lesser overcrowded kennels ensure a better quality of life for those still in the shelter

Decrease of number street dogs

The street dogs will slowly but surely disappear from the streets.

Sustainable change

A thorough approach at the beginning of the chain is the only way to reduce this overpopulation and the associated unnecessary suffering. Unfortunately they cannot do it themselves!

Rescue program

The end of the chain

Every day, thousands of dogs faithfully stand at the door of their kennel. Hoping it will open and they can leave the place for ever.

A haven after a life behind bars – Woolly’s Finca will become a paradise for the oldest and lonely dogs who have been behind bars all their lives waiting for their lives to begin.

We want them to experience that they are being noticed, that there is a warm bed waiting for them, that they can receive soothing words and that they can still feel very welcome, for however long it takes.

What do we need? – To realize Woolly’s Finca, a large piece of land is needed on which warm wooden houses can be built. Miles of fencing, solar panels, batteries and heaters. A constant supply of food will be needed as well and a holistic vet on duty on a permanent basis. Everything will be set up as sustainably as possible.



Woolly’s Finca provides a home for the oldest and loneliest dogs

Fundación Woolly

You can help reduce the suffering of dogs

Saving one dog won't change the world,
but the world of this one dog will change forever!

It is possible to realize this for many dogs by donating on a small or large scale. The project will be completely dependent on this. Help us.