Fundación Woolly

Our mission

Sustainable solutions to prevent dog suffering

The only way to reduce the unnecessary suffering of dogs in overcrowded shelters is to get to the core of the problem. On the one hand we will be sterilizing dogs on a large scale and on the other hand we will be taking ‘home’ the oldest and worst cases from the shelter for a happy landing.

What can we achieve over the next 20 years


Decrease overpopulation

Many hundreds of thousands of puppies will no longer be born due to the daily spaying and neutering of endless numbers of dogs.


A reduced number of mistreated dogs

Fewer dogs will spend their lives on a chain or any other type of neglect. There is simply less overpopulation.


Dignified last few years

Many unprivileged old dogs may get a warm and dignified life. We can release them from their suffering instead of being found dead in their kennel.


Sustainable change

A new street scene can contribute to more awareness so that slowly but surely the tide can turn.

How it all started

Boundless love

My unconditional love for dogs started early. My memories of holidays are about dogs lying alone outside somewhere with me worrying sick for days. If the situation didn’t change, I took my parents to ring the doorbell of the nearest house to ask who the dog belonged to, why he had no pillow, no food and no water and if he could go inside.

At the age of 4 having a dog was on my wish list, I got Woolly when I was 6. Fundación Woolly is proudly named  after my first BFF.


At the age of 18 I started volunteering at the shelter in Amsterdam. Soon the first dogs came home. An unplaceable one who already had seven homes, a young one who was going to be put down because of hip problems, a twelve-year-old left behind whom they no longer had time for because they had children, a ten-year-old who no longer had any added value for the family on and on and on.

I was also helping out at the Animal Ambulance, I did this until I had children.

Golden oldies

In 2005 we moved to Spain and after a while I started volunteering again. Pretty soon I started bringing home old dogs from the shelters to give them the best last time of their lives.

At the local shelter we are also very committed to reducing the number of street cats. We catch them, sterilize them and release them the next day where they came from. In this area (Barcelona) there are no stray dogs but abandoned dogs there are plenty.

Let’s do it

At home we take care of a lot of puppies that are left in boxes at the shelter or even dumped in waste containers….We help them recover and spend a lot of time screening homes for these newborns. We always keep in touch with the families to make sure they always come back to us if something goes wrong.

After having taken care of, cared for and/or adopted more than a hundred dogs and cats in the last few years, it is time for the real work.

My drive:

“You may never know what results come of your action,
but if you do nothing there will be no results”

Mahatma Gandhi


What we do

Woolly's Web and Woolly's Finca are committed to sustainably change the chain that causes dog suffering.

Sterilization program

Stop the supply

Each pregnant dog may cause the birth of 67,000 puppies in just six years.

An efficient approach at the beginning of this chain is the only way to reduce this overpopulation and unnecessary suffering.

Woolly's Web will sterilize dogs on location with our mobile sterilization vans.

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Rescue program

Relieve the suffering

Every day, thousands of dogs faithfully stand at the door of their kennel, hoping that it will open and they can leave the place for ever.

Woolly's Finca will become a paradise  for the oldest and lonely dogs who spent their lives behind bars waiting for their lives to begin.

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Fundación Woolly

You can help reduce the suffering of dogs

Saving one dog won't change the world,
but the world of this one dog will change forever!

It is possible to realize this for many dogs by donating on a small or large scale. The project will be completely dependent on this. Help us.