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Help reduce the suffering of shelter dogs
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Did you know

Millions of dogs spend their lives behind bars in terrible conditions

A sustainable solution

Our mission

To reduce the suffering of dogs
in overcrowded shelters

We do this by on the one hand sterilizing dogs throughout Spain and on the other hand taking ‘home’ the oldest and sickest dogs from the cold kennels for a happy landing. The oldest dogs have a lot of physical discomfort and their chances of getting adopted are very small

The reality

In Spain

Stray dogs, unwanted puppies and overcrowded shelters

Pup dumping

Especially in the south of Spain, tens of thousands of dogs spend their lives on the streets and a large number of dogs are locked up because the problem is not tackled . Making sure that they cannot reproduce themselves  is the only solution. Sterilizing is key.

The unsterilized dogs go into heat once a year, in the warmer areas even twice a year. Their urge to escape is strong because of the hormones. They get pregnant and the puppies get dumped and end up in shelters. Or the puppies are left on the streets with their mum. These  growing groups of stray dogs are seen as a plague and no matter how bad their situation might be, they continue to reproduce.

Over crowded shelters

The dogs that end up in the shelter end up in overcrowded kennels. There is no staff, no space and no time for them. Day in and day out they stand in their own filth and have to fight for their food. Because of the barking and squeezing, the stress level is very high and they get very frustrated. They live in fear and uncertainty and this makes relocation almost impossible for most.

Not all shelters look like this, but no matter how hard they try and how good they clean, it’s still  captivity. Years and too often lifelong (solitary) confinement.


What we do

Woolly's Web and Woolly's Finca are committed to sustainably change the chain that causes dog suffering.

Sterilization program

Stop the supply

Each pregnant dog may cause the birth of 67,000 puppies in just six years.

An efficient approach at the beginning of this chain is the only way to reduce this overpopulation and unnecessary suffering.

Woolly's Web will sterilize dogs on location with our mobile sterilization vans.

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Rescue program

Relieve the suffering

Every day, thousands of dogs faithfully stand at the door of their kennel, hoping that it will open and they can leave the place for ever.

Woolly's Finca will become a paradise  for the oldest and lonely dogs who spent their lives behind bars waiting for their lives to begin.

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Fundación Woolly

You can help reduce the suffering of dogs

Saving one dog won't change the world,
but the world of this one dog will change forever!

It is possible to realize this for many dogs by donating on a small or large scale. The project will be completely dependent on this. Help us.