Fundación Woolly

How to help


Stop the supply

The more dogs we can sterilize, the fewer offspring will end up in terrible shelters because they simply won’t be born again


Relieve the suffering

For the oldest and loneliest dogs who have spent their lives behind bars, a paradise is created                                                                                                                                                                        

Since the dogs can’t reach humans very well from behind bars, I took the liberty of explaining the seriousness of the situation ☺

See below how you can help

Foster care


Sponsor the care of an old dog for one day



For a life free of pain

Dog bed


Donate a lovely soft bed for extra comfort

Fruit tree


Part of their diet



A month of delicious and organic food

Solar panel


As sustainable as possible

Meters of fence


So the dogs can walk freely through the woods



Holistic treatments



For warm dog bodies in the winter evenings

Piece of land


More room, more dogs



For years of sterilizations

Open donation


For developing this project

Make a donation

You can donate once but also monthly. This way you help us make a structural difference in the lives of hundreds of dogs.


Saving one dog won't change the world,
but the world of this one dog will change forever!

It is possible to realize this for many dogs by donating on a small or large scale. The project will be completely dependent on this. Help us.